Avenue in a metallic color

Avenue Metal is a striking bike where elegance and a clean design are in focus. Avenue Metal is based on the series Broadway and Airbase but in a metallic, polished silver colour.

Experience the Avenue design in a whole new way

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Silver, silver and more silver

It is hard to overlook Avenue Metal's complete look - silver from top to bottom.


Shimano Nexus and Tiagra

On Metal, you will find 2 groupsets: Shimano Nexus and Shimano Tiagra. Shimano Nexus are hub gears, ideal for commuting year-round, and require low maintenance. Shimano Tiagra is however derailleur gears, which are more sports-specific. This means you have 10 gears, which are both precise and lightweight.


Bike Attitude Antipuncture by Panaracer

On Metal, you will find the durable Bike Attitude Antipuncture tires for heavy city and country riding. The tires have an extra layer of solid rubber tread, which ensures a high anti-puncture capability. The tires also have built-in reflexes along the edge, resulting in increased safety and a clean-looking design.

Original accessories

Equip your Avenue with matching accessories

An Avenue bike deserves original Avenue accessories. We have made it effortless to choose accessories. Although Avenue users may, of course, decide for themselves, we recommend accessories that match the colour of the rims, seat post, stem, and handlebars. Ask your dealer about the options for Avenue accessories for your bike.

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