Learn about Avenue

Avenue is a renown Danish bicycle brand mostly known for its beautiful frames. Avenue has designed and produced urban bikes in striking colours since 1996. With an Avenue, you are guaranteed a quality bike, where many man-hours have been spent on ensuring that you get a bike, where design and performance all come together. In Avenue, there are two models of aluminium bikes: Broadway and Airbase. Broadway has hub gears, and Airbase has derailleur gears. In 2020, we introduced Avenue Empire, where the frame and front fork are made of 100% carbon. Empire is made with a high level of equipment, a completely unique frame, and very low weight. In 2021 we’re introducing Avenue Metal, a series of full-color models including gold and silver.

The aerodynamic design has undergone an evolution since the birth of the Avenue in 1996, and today the bike appears more organic and lightweight than ever before. Avenue is very well known for carrying on the Danish cycling culture and design.
When we launch new variants, it happens based on careful research or after inspiration from cycling enthusiasts who demand a designer bike in a cool, Danish style.
This means that we at Avenue present bicycles that approach the ideal ladies' or gents' bicycles.