Sporty urban bike in a light and sharp design

The sharp graphical profile of Airbase is a functionality of the bike's organic, aerodynamic shapes in pure Avenue design. This model combines details and subtleties to create a clear and convincing experience. All Airbase variants have derailleur gears, ensuring light and quick gear change. Avenue Airbase was born with a strong and sturdy belief that perfection is possible.
The model is available in three variants, Airbase, Airbase Metal and Airbase Spirit, all with unique design elements.

Made for city streets

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The frame of an Avenue bike

Aerodynamic lines

Every corner of the frame has been thought through on an Avenue bike. This results in a unique design, where aerodynamic lines create the core of the Avenue DNA. Airbase is a true sight for sore eyes.

An eye for details

When you first hop on an Avenue bike, you should clearly feel that the bike is special. You will find many details, small and large, which give the Avenue bike the x-factor it deserves.

Features and equipment


Shimano Claris and Shimano Sora

On Airbase, you can choose between 2 groupsets: Shimano Claris on Airbase Spirit and Shimano Sora on Airbase. Both groupsets are very versatile, ensuring a wide range of use. The gearing is easy to operate, quick and precise. The big difference is the amount of gears. Shimano Claris has 8 gears, whereas Shimano Sora has 9.


Bike Attitude Antipuncture by Panaracer

On Airbase, you will find durable Bike Attitude Antipuncture tires for heavy city and country riding. The tires have an extra layer of solid rubber tread, which ensures a high anti-puncture capability. The tires also have built-in reflexes along the edge, resulting in increased safety and a clean-looking design.

Original accessories

Equip your Avenue with matching accessories

An Avenue bike deserves original Avenue accessories. We have made it effortless to choose accessories. Although Avenue users may, of course, decide for themselves, we recommend accessories that match the colour of the rims, seat post, stem, and handlebars. Ask your dealer about the options for Avenue accessories for your bike.

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Airbase and Airbase Spirit

Airbase and Airbase Spirit are two different models built from the same recipe. The big difference is evident in the frame, where all roundings on an Airbase have been hand-made, as it requires a special technique to achieve the perfect shape. The models also have different groupsets as well as decals.