Accessories for your Avenue
Original Avenue-accessories for Broadway and Airbase

An Avenue bike deserves original accessories. We have made it easy to choose the right accessories. Even though an Avenue user should decide on their own, we recommend accessories, which match the colours of the wheels, seatpost, stem and handlebar. Therefore, we've made 4 solutions consisting of a set of fenders, a rear carrier and a kickstand.

Solution 1

For bikes with white equipment

Solution 2

For bikes with silver equipment

Solution 1 consists of:

Avenue fender set in white, item number: A1101976

Avenue rear carrier in white, item number: A610508

Avenue kickstand in white, item number: A610406

Solution 2 consists of:

Avenue fender set in silver, item number: A1101906

Avenue rear carrier in silver, item number: A610509

Avenue kickstand in silver, item number: A610404

Solution 3

For bikes with black equipment (excluding bikes with a shiny black frame)

Solution 4

For bikes with black equipment and a shiny black frame

Solution 3 consists:

Avenue fender set in matt black, item number: A1101949

Avenue rear carrier in matt black, item number: A610506

Avenue kickstand in shiny black, item number: A610402

Solution 4 consists of:

Avenue fender set in shiny black, item number: A1101905

Avenue rear carrier in shiny black, item number: A610507

Avenue kickstand in shiny black, item number: A610402