An authentic Avenue with an aerodynamic carbon frame

Avenue Empire is the most advanced Avenue bike ever. Empire is made of a light and aerodynamic carbon frame, which gave us the possibility to design a bike in a league of its own.
Empire is hand-built in Sweden and is available in 2 configurations: A model with Shimano Alfine hub gears and a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive Belt as well as a model with Shimano 105 derailleur gears. Avenue Empire is the utmost expression for Danish and Nordic cycling tradition. Learn more about the different configurations below.

The most advanced Avenue ever

Avenue Empire is available in 2 configurations with either hub gears or derailleur gears

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The history behind Empire

For first time ever Avenue can present the model on a full carbon frame. This was an ambition for a long time, so that the street's most beautiful bike brand also got a highly optimized, specified and lightweight model. This task was not taken upon lightly. Avenue is known for its signature frame with rounded, organic corners and agile 'muscles'. The new carbon cast form had to be specifically designed with clear references to the aluminium frames' design. In addition to the rounded corners and 'muscles', essential design elements, we brought other elements into play: The frame design has been completed with elements from Aero racing bikes to make Empire ride as smoothly as possible - and for the sake of aerodynamics, but also for the pure expression of speed, we have implemented internal cable routing in both the frame and fork.




The development of the carbon frame

When we were creating Empire, it was with a vision of creating an Avenue bike, which took a step into the future. Empire had to be something that was never seen before. This meant that Empire had to have a futuristic, yet highly functional design. It also had to stay true to what makes an Avenue unique: the shape of the frame.

Empire with hub gears and belt drive


Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Empire is equipped with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. The carbon reinforced belts last longer than regular chains, and they have no need for lubrication or maintenance. Gates Carbon Belt Drive is a step into the future.

Shimano Alfine hub gears

Empire is also equipped with highly specified Shimano Alfine gears, which are made for the sophisticated commuter. Along with a premium build quality, Afline also offers finesse, versatility and ease of use. Shimano Alfine is the ultimate solution for the city.

Empire with derailleur gears


Shimano 105 derailleur gears

Empire is also available with Shimano 105 derailleur gears. Shimano 105 are advanced gears with high performance, functionality, lightness and ergonomics. Shimano 105 is ideal for both commuting and weekend use, whether it's riding through the city streets, exercising or enjoying a trip with friends and family.